Our Story

You would think that shopping for nightwear would be simple. Today however, we are often disappointed with the lack of style, elegance and quality available to us. We are offered styles where carefree attention to detail, design and quality do not provide us with a perfect nights comfort. Nightgowns and pyjamas with printed youthful characters, lacking in shape, sophistication and elegance. In an age of IT gadgets and mobile communication we appear to have forgotten the simple pleasures in life, one of them being – a perfect night’s sleep without having to compromise.

Established in 2013 and based on feedback from our customers we feel Dusk & Dawn offers that something extra, whether you want to look sexy without scaring the kids, or if you just want to feel elegant and desirable. Each season we will bring to you a collection of stylish designs that work together to offer you comfort and luxury at affordable prices.

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